October Full Moon Tarotscopes

Dear sweet souls,

Full moons are the perfect time to tap into your manifesting energy. Wishes don’t just come true because we wish for them to. That’s magic, and that would make magic boring.

Some wishes are playful and want to be stretched beyond our wildest imaginings. Some don’t want to deny us the experience of tasting all of life’s flavors, including our own tears and the ones of those we love. Some wishes know how much we enjoy doing impossible things, or at least the illusion of impossibility.

Many wishes and dreams seem impossible until we accomplish them. I’ve often heard the opposite but magic for me is figuring out how. How are you going to help this wish come true? What are you willing to change? To add? To try? Where are you willing to go? What risks would you take? What long lost bravery can you summon?

And for wishes that are still growing ripe, what can we make in the meantime? What other magic can we perform? These tarotscopes were written with these questions in mind.


This full moon calls for you to use your charm and seduction to manifest your wishes and dreams. It’s your season, making it a good time to optimize the attention your energy attracts. The Universe is watching and responding to your beautiful smile, the way you make people laugh, just the way you do that wonderful thing you do. All eyes are on you and it’s okay to love it. Enjoy it. Tap into your confidence and fearlessness, and just about anything you want can and will be yours if you ask. Your words will be sweet and hard to resist. This isn’t a time to be shy, or to hide, but to express yourself to the fullest and be seen.

Journal Prompt: Write about a time in your life when you felt your absolute best. If you have a photo from that moment, even better. Look back at it and remember. What did it feel like? How did people respond to you? Were you fully aware of your power then? Imagine that this time around you are even more aware. List three things you will do over the next two weeks to maximize this charm and manifest your dreams.


The way you make magic this full moon is by examining all of the magic you have already created and how it led you to this very moment. There are things you wished for in the past that have come to fruition and that’s something to celebrate, big time. When you let yourself settle into this gratitude, you gift the rest of us with your radiant energy and the cycle repeats with more magic flowing to you in a steady stream. Relax for the next couple of weeks and don’t try to make things happen. Simply love where you are and pass on the good vibes. Sometimes the work that we’re meant to do isn’t work at all.

Journal Prompt: There is a quote that says, “Remember when you wanted what you currently have?” Make a list of those things and stare at it with heart eyes, then jump on your bed and say over and over “I did it!” You did it. Now, hug yourself and write down a few ways you can share your good energy with the world.


Be open to a change in your fortune and prepare to see miracles unfold before your eyes. Things are about to happen very fast and seemingly out of nowhere but if you take the time to reflect over all the different pieces of the puzzle that led you here, you’ll see that none of this is an accident, but divine vision on your part. Once you put this together, you’ll find that all it takes is repeating what has worked before to continue to manifest the magic you so deserve.

Journal Prompt: In the middle of a piece of paper, write down a wonderful miracle that has happened in your life (however big, or small). Circle it. Now draw lines around the circle (like a sun!) and on those lines write down things that you did (however big, or small), that may have contributed to the manifestation of your miracle. Do this for at least three miracles and then review them all to find patterns of what works for you. Make a list of words, or similar ideas that are repeated and keep this list somewhere close. Let it guide you over the next two weeks


You are so special and unique, you really truly are; however, this full moon asks you to look at how you are also deeply connected to the rest of the world. Your magic will be created when you understand how things that can benefit you, can also benefit others. Use the next two weeks to listen to the perspectives and challenges of others and think about how you can help them find solutions. When you shift your energy and concentrate on how you can make a difference in the world, you will find that those same solutions will also help you manifest your own hopes and dreams.

Journal Prompt: Write down something you really need right now. For example: Do you need someone to talk to? Someone to support you on your journey, to be on your side? Do you need inspiration and positivity? Now, write down three ways you can give those things to someone else. Think of someone specific or wait and see how that person shows up in your life, and when they do, journal again. Write about how helping someone else, in turn helped you.


When you accept the magical balance of life, the ups, downs and in-betweens, you’ll begin to see your hopes and dreams begin to manifest at a rapid pace. Whatever situation you’re in right now, whether you believe it was by your own doing or not, this full moon asks you to accept your role in being here. It isn’t anyone else’s place to say if this situation is your responsibility or not; however, there’s always room to reflect on the ways you are in control of your own destiny. To accomplish whatever it is you are dreaming up next, it is crucial to move forward by consciously making confident decisions about your future without thinking that there is someone else holding your fate in their hands.

Journal Prompt: Write down three things that have happened in your life that you have given others credit for, whether positive or negative. List the ways these people or situations have felt like they’ve controlled or manipulated your life. Now, dig deep and look at those same three things and write down ways you would have taken control of the situation if you could go back. Lastly, think up a big dream you currently have brewing. Write down that dream and all the ways you will take complete responsibility for the outcome.


You have a fierce spirit that often, cannot be tamed. It’s what we all love so much about you and it inspires us to live freely, rebel against the norm and follow our passions. While no one else can (or should) tame you, this full moon asks you to channel this energy in a way you might not be used to. Give your enthusiasm some order and see how when given some guidance, it can work strongly in your favor. Imagine that you are the confident leader in charge of manifesting your dreams. As the leader of this juicy, wonderful dream, think up ways that you can lead it to fruition. This will involve creating habits, routines, and procedures that will be a fun change for you over the next few weeks. Be willing to protect your dreams fiercely.

Journal Prompt: Write down something you would like to manifest over the coming weeks. Now, create a detailed plan on how you will make this dream come true. Check this list, at least twice a day and check off your progress. Remember, you are the project manager of this wish; therefore, if you see something that needs to be adjusted, do so. Praise yourself for your progress and achievements, and also be the benevolent leader that offers constructive criticism and love for areas where you can continue to grow.


Love is all around you right now. It can radiate to you and from you like a powerful beam of light. Use this loving energy to manifest your dreams over the coming weeks. Fall in love, all over again, with yourself, with your partner, your neighbor, your neighbor’s cute puppy, the fall leaves! Any and everything. And when you do, express and show the love you feel outwardly and you will see that love is synonymous with magic. For an even bigger dose of magic, pair this loving energy with radical intuition. When you grow to love yourself immensely, you will find that it becomes easier to follow your heart and take confident action that is deeply rooted in your inner knowing.

Journal Prompt: Choose something or someone, perhaps even a place, or a moment, that makes you so happy and full of love. Write it down at the top of the page and as you focus on this, use stream of consciouness writing to let your loving energy pour out onto the page. Stream of consciousness writing is when you write without thinking of what will come out, or how it will begin or end. Just write. If you choose the right thing, this exercise will feel intoxicating. Let this energy carry you over the next few weeks.


This full moon presents you with a choice, are you going to go cry underneath it, or are you going to smile because you tried? Neither option is wrong. Feel what's real. But if you can, try to choose the thought that makes you feel better. When you think of the dream you want more than anything right now, your heart swells. When you imagine it coming true, maybe you want to cry. Maybe you want to cry with happiness and joy for things that haven't happened yet. Perhaps when you think of your dream not coming true, it makes you sad. But think of how more than that, you’re happy to have wanted something so much. That's the feeling you love. That's the feeling that's more important to you than the dream coming true. At the end of the day, be noble in what you are fighting for and smile for the existence of something you care so deeply for and smile for the peace that is soon coming. Ruminate over this sense of peace and see how changing your mindset, will create immediate magic in your life.

Journal Prompt: Write about a time when a dream didn’t come true, but turned out to be a blessing. Write about how the ways you worked towards this dream changed you for the better. List three ways your longing has propelled you and continued to give you hope, regardless of whether or not it came true.


You might be in a situation that isn’t serving your best interest right now. It may cause you anxiety, distress, or fear. It may even literally be haunting your dreams. When you are in a certain environment or around certain people, you could feel an immediate desire to run away. You don’t deserve this sweet Cancer, and this full moon asks you to do anything you can to walk away from this situation. Your emotional well-being must be in a healthy, safe space in order for you to manifest your dreams. And dreams aside, the Universe just wants you to feel better and to live in the joy that is your birthright. You may feel stuck or like you have to stay here, for whatever reason, but if you were waiting for a sign, this is it. It’s time to trust that you will be taken care of when you decide to close this chapter of your story. You will be more than taken care of, the magic is just beginning.

Journal Prompt: Write about how good it will feel once you leave a situation that is no longer serving you. Write about the dreams that you’ve been putting off that you will now be able to pursue. Write about people you might now be able to reach out to. Now for the easy part, write your goodbye, the one that’s just for you. Then write the formal goodbye, the one you will give to the situation, the one you know you’ve been writing for some time now.


This full moon asks you to consider where you stand in the world of abundance. Whether you have a little or a lot, it’s important for you to step back and be grateful for all there is and all that is coming. By exuding an energy of gratitude, more will be given to you, but try not to let your primary focus be on having more. In fact, think up ways you can honor what you currently have by living simply. If your needs have not been being met, think of how that situation occurred and what you can do differently to move forward. Be open to learning how to the law of abundance works and how you are willing to change your mindset in order to make your dreams come true.

Journal Prompt: Write about three limiting beliefs you have about abundance (money, but so much more). Examples: “I never have enough” or “I never get what I deserve.” Now, do a little research about abundance and rewrite your limiting beliefs in the affirmative. Keep your journal close and write down any observations you make of abundance in your life, however small. We need to see to believe (proof). This will be your evidence.


You may be in a situation that seems unfair. You may feel as though you are the only one who sees the truth and fully understands what is going on. Stay confident in your truth and continue to do the right thing even if things get complicated. Your magic this full moon comes when you continue to live with audacious integrity and complete faith that life has a magical way of balancing out. You will be rewarded more than you know for the way you work through this situation with a kind heart and clear mind. The Universe is watching to see how you handle this, and when you do, when you manifest your dreams, you will be so grateful that you insisted on being who you really are: love, and light and all that is good. If anyone can handle this, it’s you strong Virgo.

Journal Prompt: Make a list of all of your qualities that make you a person of high integrity. Think of new things to add to the list, qualities that you may not have known were so strong within you had you not gone through this situation. Refer back to this list over the next two weeks to help guide you.


The way you make magic this month is by forgiving yourself. There may be something that has been causing you worry or to look back and wish you had done things differently. You are loved deeply and you did the best you could with the level of understanding you had at that time. You may have had your fair share of tears lately, even if no one knows it but you. You are seen. Your feelings are real. You may have acknowledged this but it’s time to give yourself a break. Rest your weary eyes, my love. There’s a joy waiting for you like you’ve never known it before.

Journal Prompt: Write a love letter to yourself, forgiving yourself for something you feel regret about or something you’ve been hard on yourself about. Make sure to talk kindly to yourself and truly forgive. There! You wrote it. It’s done. Now, write a love letter to you today. The one who bravely forgives and has so much ahead them. Your dreams are waiting for you, time to go get them. You are wonderful, don’t forget it.

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